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Here is a list of some of our investigations.

20 Sep 09

Clayhatchee Cemetery

Early investigation into a local cemetery in Alabama.  It was a very humid night, but the moisture orbs in the photographs were almost non-existent. Investigators were Derek and guest investigator Richie. Video evidence turned up nothing, as well as audio.  The one thing we did get is the photo of what appears to be a transparent white cat sitting near a headstone.


31 Oct 09

Lowville Cemetery

Halloween night!  Big group this time, investigators included: Derek, Matt, and Allison. Guest investigators: Amber, Emmy, and Paul.  Video evidence turned up nothing, the photos had some unusual light streaks (most of which were debunked as camera exposure issues), and we did get a few interesting evp's.  In one of these evp's you can clearly hear a young boy saying "Dad?". 


28 Nov 09

Maple Ridge Cemetery

Awesome location!  After driving down a long desolate dirt road we finally see this creepy cast-iron gate and fence that surrounded this old cemetery.  Creepiest cemetery I've ever seen (so far)! Video came up with nothing, but at one point we set up the camera pointing towards a fenced in grave and an EMF detector.  After only about 5 to 10 minutes into the video, the camera shut itself off for no reason.  The battery still had over 150 minutes remaining and plenty of tape.  We also had several unexplained EMF spikes in multiple areas that would appear and vanish.  On a few of these instances the emf detectors would continuously light up until I asked it to stop, at which point it immediately stopped.  We also had a few great K2 sessions, in these sessions we received direct answers to our questions.  And in one session we believe we identified the entity of a woman with a headstone near by.  EVP's, wow.  Tons of evp's at this location.  Over all great location. 


Sackets Harbor Barracks & Battlefield

Great night of investigation!  Weather held up great for the entire night.  Not a whole lot of personal experiences, but it turned out to be a great night for the Ghost Box! 


26 Aug 10

Studio in Gem Lake, MN

I'm glad I brought my equipment with me on my visit home!  Really nothing in personal experiences, but once again we ended up with a lot of great audio.  Building was supposedly built on the site of an old 1800's saloon.  At one point in the investigation I started to whistle old piano songs to try to elicit a response, and in audio analysis we hear faint piano playing for about a minute after I stopped!




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