Scientific Paranormal Research Investigation Team

Audio Evidence 

26 Aug 2010 Studio Gem Lake, MN

26 Jun 2010 Sackets Harbor



"Dad?"  31OCT09

whistle and knock (this occurred several times in the course of approx 10 to 15 min) 28NOV09 

yelp 28NOV09 

 beep then inaudible 28NOV09 

"Help me...leave" 31OCT09 

"(why) Won't you help me?" original 28NOV09 

 "Behave" 28NOV09 

"Prepare for it (or us)" 28NOV09 


"Get out"  28NOV09 

"Why won't you help me?" cleaned  28NOV09 

"I am with you"  28NOV09 

"I will" (we asked it to light up the K2 meter...immediately after this response the K2 lit up.  28NOV09 

 singing or calling out  28NOV09 

"No, we don't wanna" (we had asked it to make it's presence known)  28NOV09 

"Shut up Allison" (Allison is the investigator you hear talking in the clip)  28NOV09 

unexplained knocking  28NOV09 


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