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Scientific Paranormal Research Investigation Team was founded August 2009 by Derek Shoemaker.  SPRIT started out small with only guest investigators helping investigate some local cemeteries until we relocated to Carthage NY. We are currently located in Elk River MN. Now with our team continuing to grow, including members of many different backgrounds, beliefs, and valuable skill sets, we are trained and ready to serve our community and anyone else in need of help with the paranomal!  SPRIT offers free confidential paranormal investigations of residences, businesses, and properties in and around the Twin Cities area. Our investigations focus on finding solid scientific evidence of ghost activity, while also finding the source (paranormal or not) of the claims of activity at that location. 




James- Lead Investigator

I Got into paranormal investigations after seeing a ghost in Saint Augustine Fl. I want to help people with what they might think is a haunting. I was a Private Investigator and while investigating a case I caught something I couldn't explain on my digital camera. I tried to de-bunk it but couldn't.


Catherine- Lead Investigator

Catherine Hicks (Aka Cat) got into paranormal investigations, because at the age of six she saw her first ghost. As she got older and started to understand the paranormal world she wanted to help people de-bunk possible hauntings.


So Cat and I decided to work together, we are very professional and enjoy helping families with their unexpected guests. So if you have a problem please call us we can help.



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